AECT 2021 Early Career Symposium

Creating Space for Academic Writing

Mete Akcaoglu, Ph.D. Associate Professor Georgia Southern University

The Process (for me)
  • Develop curiosity
  • Gather background
  • Design the study
Curiosity (sources)
  • Previous (failed) attempts
  • Collaborations
Creating the writing space
  • Gather background and shape up the initial draft
  • Make a good outline!
  • Fill out the outline with notes from readings
  • Mark (color code) the calendar to book out reading/writing times
  • Seek out colleagues to help

  • Be specific with what you ask of them

  • Be available to join other projects

    • At a given time, I am usually involved in 5-10 projects at various levels
    • Not all will stick, that’s ok (time is precious)
Finding the time
  • Using calendars effectively
  • Making time to read (or listen)!
Finding new fuel
  • Open to learning new things (methods, concepts, theories)
  • New methods (for data collection & analysis) means new ways to look at things
  • Twitter (e.g., r [studio] community)
  • Burn outs…normal…stay calm
Contact Info
  • mete_akca (twitter)
  • mete dot akca at gmail dot com (email)
  • open to collaborations 😊